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  The maps are printed on a paper, cut along the pages and laminated with plastic foil on both sides. All folds are mechanically processed, which enables folding the maps on one side or the other.
  Because it is laminated on both sides, the map is extremly durable – it does not damage with use, which enables us long-term usability.
  The map is completely waterproof and it can be used in bad weather conditions, such as rain and humidity. Furthermore, the plastic foil provides UV protection, so the colors do not fade.
  You can write on the map and mark locations with a marker. When you do not need them any more, you can simply erase the markings with a cloth.



On the website of the map is an electronic list of all the places on the map. When we enter the name of a town in the search box, the index map coordinates of the location are displayed.